About Us

People have asked me, “Why the name Providence Labradoodles?”   Well, the  word Providence means, ” The protective care of God or nature as a spirtual power”.  This holds so much meaning to me as I am a believer and ask God for His protection on each of my dogs and especially each new litter of puppies.  I raise each pup to the very best of my ability and believe God will provide the perfect family for each puppy.  

I was first introduced to the Australian Labradoodle when I was grooming a clients dog, and FELL IN LOVE! This breed is extremely clever, sociable, comical and joyful!  They are energetic when free, and quiet when handled.  They approach people in a happy, friendly manner and make amazing therapy and service dogs as they are keen to learn and easy to train. Their amazing qualities made it very easy to concentrate on breeding this wonderful breed!

Marc and I live in Mansfield between Cleveland and Columbus in Central Ohio. Our puppies, like our dogs, are raised in a nurturing environment with constant love.  We focus on enrichment and socialization to ensure that our puppies will have loving and easy-going dispositions.  My goal is to provide a family with a loving companion, whether a house pet, therapy dog or service dog!  It is so important to me to raise well rounded and happy puppies that will make wonderful companions.

We adhere to high-quality standards when it comes to our breeding dogs.  Each breeding dog is carefully chosen, tested for orthopedic conditions outlined by OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) as well as genetic conditions prior to breeding to ensure that our puppies will be healthy.  Aside from being healthy, our breeding dogs are loving, kind and have amazing temperments that will be passed down to their offspring!

To give our puppies the best start possible we incorporate  ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation), ESI ( Early Scent Introduction), Puppy Culture Protocols, and also Empowered Breeder Curriculum so that we are able to take advantage of those early critical weeks in a puppy’s life and prepare them  for their future homes.

Our Australian Labradoodles and Australian Bernedoodles are non-shedding, allergy-friendly, and asthma-friendly. They are sweet, smart and provide hours of entertainment!  Providence Labradoodles LLC wants the best for all involved.  A well-loved, well socialized and well trained puppy promises years of delight.

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