Olive and Atlas’ Litter

We have 4 puppies still remaining in this litter.  They are all amazing puppies.  They are accustomed to sleeping through the night in their crate, and using the doggy door to go outside to potty! 

Each pup has a wonderful temperament, much like their parents, Olive and Atlas.  They are very smart and love to please.  We are working on a polite sit and recall. Each of these puppies scored 3’s and 4’s on their temperament test and all would be great in homes with or without children or other pets!  They are all round wonderful pups and will complete a deserving home.  Please fill out an application to see if one of these pups would be a good fit for your family.  

Remeber each puppy comes with a 4 week virtual training course from My Loyal Hound, absolutely FREE to make the transition seamless! 

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