All puppies chew. That’s a fact. Some chew more than others though, especially when they are teething. Make sure to provide your puppy with appropriate chew toys. This teaches your puppy good manners and keeps them off of your furniture, shoes, pillows or other household items you treasure. Here at Baxter & Bella we have a few favorites.

First, we recommend Kongs. The light pink or blue ones are for puppies with puppy teeth. They are a little softer and easier for young puppies to chew. We stuff them with cream cheese, wet kibble, vegetables, fruit, biscuits, etc. You can freeze these as well to help soothe sore gums. Be creative! These toys keep your puppy’s attention for awhile so you can get things done while your puppy is settled. If your puppy is struggling at first to figure out the Kong, try a Licking Mat. Licking helps relax a stressed puppy and the mat is easy to use for brand new puppies.

Every puppy needs something soft to sink their teeth into. Plush toys work well for young puppies and are great to swap out if your puppy gets hold of a pillow or other soft item. Furry, animal like toys are fun for you puppy to chase and play with – making them great options to teach your puppy how to play with toys.

Finally, Benebones and Nylabones offer long lasting chew time for dogs. They come in a variety of flavors. My puppies like the bacon or peanut butter ones best. You don’t have to worry about choking, splinters, carpet stains or other dangers. I like to put these in my puppy’s crate when I am gone or during the night as I never have to worry about safety and my puppy will have something to chew if he feels like it.

Long story short, your teething puppy needs to chew! Give him something he CAN chew and mix it up to keep him interested. Chewing not only feels good to your puppy, it exercises his brain as well and we all like tired pups once in awhile right?

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