How do I reserve a puppy?

1) Submit an application. Once your application is reviewed we will contact you within 1-2 business days.

2) Once your application has been approved, place a $500 reservation to be put on our wait list. Puppy selection is based on the order the reservation was received.

3) Prepare for the new addition to your family. You can browse all the products that we recommend on the website.

4) Pay the remaining balance once your puppy has been chosen at around 7 weeks old, after temperament testing is complete.

5) Pick up your puppy at 8-9 weeks old.

What does the purchase fee cover?
  • Parents are health tested and carefully and thoughtfully selected.
  • Puppies are raised on an 8 week puppy proven curriculum. We do ENS, ESI, sound training, texture training, exposure activities, socialization and so much more! We do puppy temperament testing around 6-7 weeks of age. We try our best to help you find a really good match that will fit in with your family!
  • Dewclaw removal
  • Vet Clearance at 7 weeks of age, with the first set of vaccines administered. Paperwork will be provided.
  • Pups will come home with a 2 year health guarantee.
  • Puppies will be microchipped and will have a paid Lifetime membership.
  • Puppies go home with a basket full of all our favorite products, including a scented blanket and a beautiful charmed Providence Labradoodle collar! 
  • Each family recieves a Snuggle Puppy for their new puppy that has the littermates scent on it to aid in the transition to their new home.
  • Every family gets the Puppy System Training Program, from My Loyal Hound, completely FREE.  A four week course that sets puppy parents and new puppies up for success from day one! 
  • We have an exclusive Providence Labradoodles Facebook group for keeping up with all our PL doodle puppy families and puppy siblings!

We offer a lifetime of support and encouragement. We love to stay in touch with our puppy families. We offer a lot of social media content and blogs to help our clients as best as we possibly can!

What kind of socialization do your puppies receive?

Our puppies are raised from day 3 with a deliberate curriculum to help them become empowered and well adjusted.  Our puppies are exposed to various socialization experiences, including interactions with other pets, children, and adults.  They are exposed to different textures and surfaces and different areas of our home and yard. Our pups are exposed to everyday household sounds, activities and routines to help them adjust smoothly to their new home.

What are your prices?

Our current prices are between $3200-$3800 for Pet Homes Only.

Do you offer breeding rights?

We do occasionally offer breeding rights to pre-approved programs.  Contact us for more details. 

How do you match puppies with their new families?

When it comes time to choose a puppy from a litter, we’ll provide guidance based on your preferences and puppies’ personalities.  We carefully consider factors like temperament, energy level, and your preferences to match each puppy with the most suitable family.

What are the different sizes you breed?

Mediums: 35- 50 lbs
Minis: 20-35 lbs
* These are all approximate weights. Once we have selected both parents we can get a better size estimate.

What does coat type mean?

There are four coat types doodles have.  The spectrum ranges from the least curly to the curliest as follows:

Flat Coat- No curl and no furnishings on the face

Straight Coat- No curls with furnished face.

Wavy Coat-Wavy Hair and face furnishings.

Curly Coat- Overall curly coat and curly face. 

What if I can't come to Ohio to pick the puppy up?

We would love to meet you and have you out to our home! If that doesn’t work, we have different options! Choose whatever works best for you.
1. We can meet you at either the Cleveland or Columbus Airport.
2. We have a flight nanny who we work with that can fly your puppy to you. Costs will vary.

What vaccinations will my puppy have?

Your puppy will come home up to date on their vaccines. We provide 4 rounds of dewormer as well as the first set of vaccines at 7 weeks. Pups will need additional boosters at 12 & 16 weeks. Reach out to your vet to schedule those!

Do you provide a health guarantee?

We are confident in our dogs and provide a a Lifetime Health Guarantee covering inherited life-threatening diseases.  

Do you health test the parents?

Temperament and health is our main priority. Before a dog enters our breeding program they must undergo several tests that are important to the breed. Some of the testing includes, Genetics, Temperament, OFA Hips and Elbows and OFA eyes. 

What food is the puppy on and how often should I feed the puppy?

Our puppies are on pawTree Chicken and Oatmeal mixed with Salmon and Sweet Potato.  We top the food with pawTree’s freezed dried raw food, Gastro Pro Plus and Salmon oil.  We strongly encourage our families to keep their puppy on this food for at least 6 months to give their puppy a good foundation.  There is a direct link on our website to order your own pawTree food for your puppy, and we do have a coupon code for your purchase!

How much should I feed my puppy?

Our vet recommends feeding 3 times per day for 6 months.  A good rule of thumb is 1 cup of food DAILY per 10 pounds.

How soon can I take my puppy home?

Our puppies are typically ready for their new homes between 8-10 weeks old, depending on their development and health milestones.

Do you have a guardian program? Why?

At Providence Labradoodles we believe that every dog deserves to be raised in a loving home. Many breeders retire their adults after a few years of breeding and then look for a new home to place them in. We feel it is better for the dog to get their forever family while they are still young and it is easier for them to bond. 

All of our breeding dogs live in the homes of our wonderful local guardian families. All of our puppies need and thrive in a rich social environment that can only be provided by a family.  The partnership we have with our guardian families allows us to continue to grow our program without the use of kennels.  This helps to ensure that all of our dogs are all well adjusted and fit to be great parents.

Guardian families must live within an hour of Mansfield, Ohio.  If this program interests you please fill out our Guardian Application after reading about our program on our website.

Do you have a referral or discount program?

Yes we have a Loyalty Referral Program!  For every family that refers someone to us and that family purchases a puppy,  the referring family will receive $100.  

What forms of payment do you accept?

We only accept cash, Zelle, or GoodDog payments.  We will only accept cashier checks.

How often should I bathe my puppy?

This really depends, but as a rule no more than every 2-3 weeks.  As a puppy gets older they may not need bathing as frequently.  Remember this breed has hair and will need special attention from a professional groomer every 6 weeks or so for a haircut.  We recommend getting your puppy familiar with a brush and comb as soon as you get him/her home.  Make a routine of brushing and combing your pup and getting them used to it so it will not be a terrible experience at the groomer.  When bathing at home use a good shampoo especially for dogs that is gentle on their skin and eyes.  We recommend the shampoo from pawTree as it is gentle enough to use regularly.  It is a good idea to get dog wipes (pawTree has a great product called, Tween Time Cleansing Wipes) for when your pup may get a bit dirty and you need a quick clean up!

Can I get references from previous buyers?

Absolutely, we can provide you with references from other puppy buyers who have purchased from us in the past. 

What if I can no longer care for my puppy?

We always want to be notified if circumstances change and you are unable to keep your puppy.  We will always take a puppy back and find another suitable home for him/her.  Please see our Health Guarantee for more details. 

Do you provide any training resources for our new puppy?

Yes!  We have partnered with Dre Nolan from My Loyal Hound.  We want you to go home with more than just a cute puppy, so all my puppies go home with the best support from Dre with The Puppy System.  This amazing 4-week virtual puppy training course is included in the price of your puppy. Early training will help you…

  1. Enjoy your pup more
  2. Raise a calmer, more connected dog
  3. Avoid rookie mistakes
  4. Get your dream dog results
  5. Learn fun games to keep your pup busy & motivated to learn! 
Are your puppies crate or housed trained?

Our puppies are introduced to crate-training as part of their early development curriculum at an early age.  By the time our puppies are 7 weeks old they are sleeping in their own crates with the door closed all night.  This is a huge benefit for our own owners!

Where can we take a puppy before it's fully vaccinated?

We recommend 4 paws off the floor in places that you are unfamiliar with, especially high traffic areas where dogs have been.  Until they are fully vaccinated they are very vulnerable to disease. We love a “Snuggle Sling” for when our puppies are really small.  We take them to various places to socialize them, but they are safely inside of the sling away from the floor.  We also take our puppies for walks in a wagon, that way they are safe but they can experience the smells of different places.   

What sets your breeding program apart from others?

Great question!  We breed one litter at a time to ensure that each litter gets our full attention and care. Our commitment to transparency and ongoing support to our puppy families as well as our responsible breeding practices, socialization and enrichment curriculum of our puppies sets us apart!  We LOVE what we do!  

What happens if we cannot pick up our puppy on "Go-Home" Weekend?

If you find that the pick-up day is inconvenient, we understand and can offer extended stays in certain cases. We highly appreciate being informed about this as early as possible. Kindly note that we require full payment for the puppy prior to the pick-up weekend, and there will be a daily charge of $40 for each additional day of stay.  When the puppy stays he/she will be continuing with basic training (crate training, potty training, sit, down, learning their name, and basic leash conditioning).  Providence Labradoodles wants to ensure that your puppy’s needs are accommodated and that your experience with us is enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions

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