Flea and Tick Products Harmful to Pets and People

UPDATE ON NEWEST FLEA PRODUCT: A new flea and tick product that is guaranteed and completely safe is the FleasGone tag. You can get a 2, 5, or 15-year tag that creates an electromagnetic field around your pet within 30 days after it’s attached to their collar. After extensive research and testing, it is 100% guaranteed and it is completely safe. To order, go to FleasGone.com and you can get a 5% discount by using the code PROVIDENCE when you order the tag.

According to a press release from Market Watch, the flea and tick product industry made over 6 million dollars last year and is projected to make over 9 million by 2028, which is an increase of 7.4%. Each of these products are made by major companies that provide chemically-based flea and tick products, from Merck to Wellmark, providing oral pills and spot-on’s, to collars and shampoos. The question isn’t whether these products work. The question is how healthy these products are for your pets. However, it’s not just your pets that you need to worry about, but yourselves and your children.

One of the most dangerous chemicals in today’s flea products is Tetrachlorvinphos (TCVP). This chemical is used in nearly all major flea and tick products but has been determined to be extremely dangerous for pets AND their owners. This information comes from the Office of the Attorney General of the United States government. Some of the brands that have TCVP in their flea and tick products are: Hartz, Pet Armor, Zodiac, Adams, Bio Spot, Seresto…just to name a few.

TCVP is just one identified harmful chemical on the flea and tick market. There are many more being used, such as Amitraz, Pennyroyal, and Pyrethrins. When new items come out, new chemicals are used, and it often takes years to find out the harmful effects of the chemicals inside these products.

Your safest best is to not use chemical-based products but natural ones. Many people make their own flea and tick potions, but this can have its own dangers. If you aren’t a chemist and don’t know what your dog might be allergic to, this can be risky. There are certain natural chemicals that shouldn’t be mixed with others or can irritate a pet’s skin.

pawTree has an excellent flea and tick spray that is all-natural and can be used on your pet, on their bedding, on you, and on everything your pet touches. You need to use it once a week, but it does work quite well. If you’re taking your dog on an outdoor hike in some woods, then use it before you go. You can find their flea and tick spray at: pawTree Flea and Tick Spray

Another highly acclaimed and entirely safe company that provides flea and tick sprays, spot-ons, shampoos and collars, is Wondercide. Their products repel and kill fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, ants, roaches, chiggers, fruit flies, and more. They are plant-based and completely safe. You can find their products at: Wondercide

Ticks are pests you don’t want to mess with as they can cause Lyme’s disease. There are three things we recommend.

Pets Naturally, out of Traverse City, Michigan, has a tick key that works quite well in removing ticks from your dog. Stick one in your pocket if you’re taking your dog in an area with long grass where there may be ticks. It’s one of the better tick keys out there. If you do remove a tick from your dog, you may want to take it to your vet to be analyzed to make sure it isn’t carrying Lyme’s disease. If it is, they can start your dog on preventative medication right away. To order one of these, go to: Tick Key.

Only Natural Pet offers the “tick tag”. This is a dog tag you attach to their collar that creates a natural barrier to pests and keeps them away from your pet while your pet is wearing it. You can find this at: Tick Tag

Only Natural Pet also has excellent all-natural flea collars: All-Natural Flea Collars

Loving your pet means taking care of their health in all ways, including preventative care. Most of us have used these chemical-based flea products to prevent fleas and ticks over the years because that’s just what we did. Now we know better. We not only know how harmful these chemicals are to our pets, but they can harm us as well. Going natural in all things extends our lives and can extend the lives of our pets.

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