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Agreement Participants: This agreement pertains to a female named Providence Labradoodles,

The above named dog will continue to be owned by Providence Labradoodles, LLC until we have accomplished our goals in breed development, we may select to early retire them, or we may select to breed them out to the full four litters. It will be solely the decision of Providence Labradoodles, LLC, and it is our right exclusively to make that decision. The dog will live with and be cared for by the guardian in a manner defined by the terms of this agreement during that time. Upon retirement, we will spay them and transfer ownership to their Guardian family with no further requirements.


Here at Providence Labradoodles, LLC we feel that in order to succeed as exceptional breeders of the  Australian Labradoodle and Australian Bernedoodle, and to properly develop the breeds, it requires us to have a number of dogs in our breeding program. It is our goal to successfully further and develop our lines while having our breeding dogs live in a family environment. We have found that the Guardian Home Program is the best way to accomplish this. This is a very unique program that allows our breeding dogs to live, as much loved family members, with our locally selected families while participating in our breeding program. This is our way of ensuring that our breeding dogs live with their families in forever homes and still participate in the future development of the breed under our watchful eye. We can’t thank our families enough for the important role they play in the future of the Providence Labradoodles, LLC.​


In exchange for participating in our program, you will recieve a FREE dog. Rather than paying full price for a pet puppy, you will receive a “pick of the litter puppy” for free as long as you follow the guidelines as stated. You are getting the best that Providence Labradoodles, LLC has to offer in an Australian Labradoodle or Bernedoodle puppy. This means that in the litter this puppy possesses the best qualities as outlined in our breed standard, not only for type, conformation, color and movement, but also for temperament, soundness and coat quality.

The program is only available to families and individuals who live within 45 minutes to an hour of Providence Labradoodles. We ask that you assess your lifestyle, reliable transportation, and permanency in the area to ensure that you are able to meet the requirements of caring for a pet, but also meeting the requirements of the Guardian Home Program agreement. We do require the dogs to come back to us for short visits so they can participate in the assessment and testing process, and eventually the breeding program, but always the Guardian Home dogs return to their family after these short breaks. After your dog has fulfilled the requirements under the Guardian Home Program, we then pay to spay/neuter them for you, and they continue to live with your family in their forever home.​

You must have a safe and secure environment for a Guardian Home dog to ensure their safety and health. While we prefer families with previous dog ownership experience, we are happy to work closely with families and individuals who are new to dog ownership.​

A fenced yard is required, so your Guardian Home dog can remain secure, but also to keep strange dogs out of your yard.​

Our Guardian Home Program dogs are to be kept as house pets and family members. Even though you are not paying the normal pet price, we require that you take top notch care of them. This means, but is not limited to, a high quality pawTree diet, routine veterinary care,routine grooming, puppy and obedience training, love, exercise, and attention. These are our babies that we place with you, and we want to be assured that they will become your cherished family member.​

Please read carefully and initial after reading.


The guardian agrees to maintain a healthy coat with regular grooming appointments and regular brushing/combing to avoid matting. While in the care of Providence Labradoodles, LLC for whelping their dogs grooming needs will be taken care of by us.


Guardian agrees to keep the dog on a daily program of pawTree dog food if feeding kibble and/or an approved raw diet as long as the dog is a part of our breeding program


Guardian agrees to provide socialization and basic obedience at home or from obedience classes.  ”The Puppy System” a 4 week training with My Loyal Hound.  Once the Puppy System is completed, Baxter & Bella Online Puppy School is a good online training program that is recommended and supported by Providence Labradoodles,LLC as well.

Guardian also agrees to provide ample exercise and maintain the dog at a healthy weight. Overweight females can have a hard time passing hip and elbows tests and can have smaller litters as well as a difficult time during the whelping process (this is extremely important.) 

If another dog is a member of your household, it needs to be spayed/neutered.

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Health Benefits: If assessed for addition to our breeding program, your puppy will be completely health tested, without having to pay for any of the testing yourself. We assess puppies around 6-12 months of age for quality based on our high breeding standards, and then we will pay to completely health test this puppy for things like hips, elbows, eyes, prcdPRA, vWD, cardio, patella, and DNA profiling. Based on those results, we then decide if we will breed this puppy or pay to spay them for you. If we breed them, they will continue to live with you as your beloved pet while not here having/making babies. If we spay them, you have a beautiful puppy at no cost to you except what you would normally pay for the upkeep of a pet.


First 6-12 Months: In adopting a puppy from the Guardian Home Program, the first months are fairly basic. You will pick your puppy up from us and the puppy will live with you as your family pet. Love, training and socialization are the most important things you can do for your puppy at this stage. Monthly visits to insure they are comfortable with the pack here is very important. 

We expect the girls to have their first season/heat cycle between 9-14 months of age. Upon the start of their season, you need to contact us immediately. A season will typically last about 3 weeks. We do not breed our girls under the age of 12 months, or before health testing has been completed. You can expect their next season in 4-8 months.

Sometime between 10-14 months of age, we will request that this dog come and have a photo session with us. We try to coincide this photo session around an already planned visit, either for grooming or a health testing visit.

By 12 months of age, we will have a breeding program assessment and health testing visit scheduled. We will pay for the full range of health testing to be completed. Once we receive the results from the health testing, we will make a final assessment of adding this dog to our breeding program. This is our way of being able to keep the best males and females from each litter, and then to have the ability and availability to select the best candidates to continue with the breed’s development. If we decide not to breed this dog, we will then have them spayed for you, at our expense, and the contract is complete.​


If we add this dog to our breeding program, we will require you to bring this dog to us at around day 7-8 of the season that we plan to breed for a Progesterone test to determine the best time to breed her. Or, with a boy, we will contact you prior to needing them brought back for mating (usually 1-3 days is needed for this visit). We have found that our boys will get more use in the first year, and substantially less after that. With our girls, during the off seasons (if we decide not to breed during a season/heat) you will need to keep and house her with you in a safe area to keep her protected to ensure unwanted breeding does not take place. We do not necessarily breed our dogs on every season, and each dog will be evaluated on a case by case basis. After each season they spend with us, the dog will return to you. If we have mated them while here, they will go back home with you during their gestation, and we will give you details as to their care, and when they need to return to us to have their litter.

We require that all pregnant Guardian Home dogs return to us one week prior to their due date. This ensures them time to settle in and start nesting in preparation for the birth of their puppies. Once the puppies are born and Mom is settled in (usually after the first week), her Guardian family is welcome to schedule visits with her and the new babies  while she is with us. Once the puppies are weaned, sometime between 6-7 weeks of age, the Guardian Program dog is then ready to go back home with her family. By this time, Mom is usually more than ready to have puppies with their sharp little teeth weaned, and to go back home to her family.​


We require between 2-4 litters from our Guardian Home Program dogs once they are in our breeding program. Each dog will be individually assessed with each breeding and litter produced. Providence Labradoodles, LLC takes the health and well-being of each and every one of our breeding dogs very seriously. It is our top priority to ensure they are in optimum condition for each litter they produce. If we have accomplished our goals in breed development, we may select to early retire them, or we may select to breed them out to the full four litters. It will be solely the decision of Providence Labradoodles, LLC, and it is our right exclusively to make that decision. Upon retirement, we will spay  them and transfer ownership to their Guardian family where they can be your pet with no further requirements. ​


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