Meet Our Dogs

Meet our loving dogs that build the legacy of  Providence Labradoodles.




Our mom dogs are the nurturing souls behind the wagging tails, the gentle eyes that speak volumes, and the boundless affection that defines our breeding ethos. Each of our mothers has been carefully selected for their exceptional traits, temperament, and health, ensuring that they contribute to the creation of happy, healthy puppies.


Name: Monarch’s Essence of Rivermist, aka “River”
DOB: 03/24/2020
Size: Medium
Height: 16″
Weight: 26 lbs
Color: Chocolate Phantom
Coat: Fleece
CERF: normal (clear)
EIC: normal (clear)
PRA: normal (clear)
vWD: normal (clear)
DM: normal (clear)
IC: normal (clear)
Hips: OFA – Good
Elbows: OFA – Normal

About River:

River is a beautiful chocolate phantom multi-generational Australian Labradoodle.  She lives with her guardian family who are so much in love with her.  She is an avid ball player and never seems to tire from playing fetch! She can catch a ball mid air and quickly bring it back to whoever is playing with her and drop the ball at their feet!  River has given us three wonderful litters and we expect one final litter this spring (2024).   We expect a litter of Chocolates with beautiful phantom markings and also some parti coloring as well.  Her puppies all range from 20-35 lbs full grown and they always have that amazing wavy fleece non-shed coat! 


Name: Providence’s Ray of Sunshine aka Raya

DOB: 01/08/2022

Size: Small/Medium
Height: 15″
Weight: 25 lbs
Color: Merle
Coat: Curly Fleece
CERF: OFA – Normal
EIC: Normal
vWD: Normal/Clear
Hips: OFA- Good
Elbows: OFA – Normal

About Raya: This little ray of sunshine is a shining light here at Providence.  Raya is a Mini Bernedoodle. She has the cutest quirks and is the most social little girl I have ever met!  Raya, with her amazing coloring, is an instant conversation piece!  She loves everyone and will definitely make you feel like you are extremely loved when she is introduced to you!  Raya loves her pack and her favorite game is chase.  Wow is she fast!  We are thrilled to have her as part of our breeding family!  Her first litter of Australian Bernedoodle puppies were stunning!  The pupppies had amazing coloring such as the traditional favorite tri-color, blue merle, and tri-merle. Keep an eye out for her next litter later in the Spring (2024).  Raya’s Australian Bernedoodle puppies are all gorgeous!!


Name: Providence’s All the Right Moves aka “Olive”
DOB: 10/20/2021
Weight: 38 lbs
Size: Medium
Height: 19″
Color: Black Wavy Fleece
CERF: Normal
EIC: Normal/Clear
PRA: Normal/Clear
vWD: Normal/Clear
DM: Normal/Clear
IC: Normal/Clear
Hips:OFA- Good
Elbows: OFA – Normal

About Olive: Olive is perfect in every way possible!  Her parents are Magnolia and Hudson and she has the best of both of them.  She is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met.  Olive loves to snuggle with her guardian mom and she plays hard with her sister Raya.  Olive is gentle, loyal and sociable.  She has an incredible fleece coat with beautiful soft curls.  Her mama keeps her well combed out so that she can keep her hair longer.  Olive has proven to be one of the bst moms here at Providence Labradoodles.  She is so attentive to her puppies and always patient with them.  If you get a puppy out of Olive’s litter you will not be dissapointed! These puppies are special and and grow up to be loving loyal dogs for their families!


Name: Providence’s CeCe
DOB: 06/26/2023
Weight: 45 lbs
Size: Standard
Height:  20″
Color: Chocolate/White Parti
Coat: Wavy Fleece
CERF: Normal
EIC: Normal/Clear
PRA: Normal/Clear
vWD: Normal/Clear
DM: Normal/Clear
IC: Normal/Clear
Hips: OFA- Normal
Elbows: OFA – Fair

PennHIP: DI: .36/.43

CeCe is one of our own girls that was born here at Providence Labradoodles. She is the best of the best and we are extremely excited to see her puppies.  She is expected to have puppies Spring 2024.  Our reservation list is open for her litter this Spring!


Our stud dogs are the charismatic leaders of our pack, embodying traits of strength, intelligence, and affection. Selected for their exceptional genetics, temperament, and health, these dads contribute significantly to the creation of our exceptional puppies.


  Name: Jars’ Butter Me Up- aka “Hudson”

DOB: 01/03/2019
Weight: 40 lbs
Size: Medium
Height: 17″
Color: Chocolate Phantom
Coat: Wavy Fleece
CERF: Clear/Normal
EIC: Carrier
PRA: Normal/Clear
vWD: Normal/Clear
DM: Normal/Clear
IC: Normal
Hips:OFA- Good
Elbows: OFA – Good

About Hudson: Hudson is a multi-generational chocolate phantom Australian Labradoodle. He has the softest wavy fleece coat (soft as butter) and the most beautiful amber eyes!  He carries parti, chocolate and phantom markings. He loves to snuggle and you will alway find him close to us or curled up beside us while watching TV or sleeping next to us in bed.  He has the best disposition! Very laid-back, sweet and super smart. He loves to meet new people and will always make you feel welcome in our home!  Hudson is a trained therapy dog. He enjoys his visits to the local retirement center each week to visit with his friends and provide comfort to them. Hudson has sired many litters for us at Providence Labradoodles!


Name: Fairy Tale Lane’s Love At Last, aka “Atlas”
DOB: 11/09/2022
Weight: 17 lbs
Size: Small
Height: 14″
Color: Chocolate Phantom
Coat: Wavy Fleece
CERF: OFA Normal
EIC: Normal (clear)
PRA: Normal (clear)
vWD: Normal (clear)
DM: Normal (clear)
IC: Normal (clear)
Hips: OFA- Good
Elbows: OFA – Negative for Elbow Dysplasia

Tested by Paw Print Genetics

About Atlas: Look at this BEAUTY!!  We are so excited to have Atlas!  He came to us from Fairy Tale Lane Labradoodles and we are so excited to be using him as a sire to many of our litters.   He is a multi-generational chocolate phantom Australian Labradoodle. He has a beautiful soft straight fleece coat and a real sweetheart.  We are thrilled to have him!!



My husband and I have been blown away by Providence Labradoodles! Linda has done such an exceptional job with her dogs. I can’t even begin to touch on all the training she does with these pups! ” – Autumn C.


I could not be more pleased with our puppy from Providence Labradoodles, Linda is an amazing breeder and absolutely loves her pups. She was so informative and shared every part of the process with us.” – Valerie B.


Thank you Linda for such a beautiful edition to our family. Our little Teddy has brought so much joy already! We researched for a wonderful breeder and found it in Linda at Providence.” – Josh & Jen L.

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