Summer is a great time to get outdoors with your dog. Camping, hiking, kayaking, walking or simply enjoying a fun game of fetch or frisbee are all fun activities you and your pup can do together.

Make sure when heading outdoors you plan ahead. Go on short outings with young puppies (under 20 weeks) and longer adventures after your puppy has had some training and is fully vaccinated. Your location options increase once your puppy is fully vaccinated. Be careful letting your puppy on public ground before then – but feel free to carry them in a front pack or sling so they can get outdoors too!

While out and about, your pup will get thirsty. How will he get a drink? Make sure to bring your own water bowl and water supply. He may get hot. Is shade available? Be aware of outside temperatures and do not overwork your dog in the high heat. Protect your dog’s paws from burning on hot pavement using shoes or plan outings early in the morning and later in the evening. There are other things to be aware of such as leash laws, insects like ticks to look out for, poisonous plants you don’t want your pup to chew on, etc.

While this may seem like a lot to think about, it’s really nothing more than you do to prepare yourself to go. Awareness is key and the benefits of bonding with your dog on an outdoor adventure greatly outweigh the risks involved.

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