Puppy Temperament Survey

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Choosing a dog can be a difficult process, and personality has to be taken into consideration.

We want you and your new puppy to be a match made in heaven! This is why we have designed this Owner Questionnaire, to help us pair you up with exactly the right puppy for your family.

Why not choose a puppy myself?

Puppies are like babies – they eat, they play and then they spend a lot of time sleeping. In fact, they are very likely to be asleep just when you are trying to decide which one is right for you. Because we raise your puppy as part of our family, we get to see them when they are wide awake and their personality is showing itself. We also keenly observe their behavior, and conduct personality typing tests at such times that help us to further understand their character.

How will the Questionnaire help me get the right puppy?

There are six general types of personalities: aggressive, independent, assertive, confident, adaptable, and insecure. Each type has it's own needs and can be determined as a puppy.

In the dog world there are Chiefs and Indians. The Chiefs – like they are in the human world – tend to be the extroverts. They are cheeky, bold, strong-willed and enjoy being the leader of the pack, or having a strong leader to please and look up to.

The Indians are more submissive, gentle and introverted. They never challenge the status quo and like to go with the flow. And they are likely to accept anyone as their boss – even small children.

Though most people like a dog with a bit of character, it is important that Chiefs end up with owners who have the confidence to be strong leaders. And it is equally important for people who are “pushovers”or have small children to end up with an Indian.

We also consider puppy size, color and coat type with respect to ease of grooming and other factors. It is very important to us to try and match you up with the most perfect puppy for your family!


To help us help you find the perfect match, please answer the questions as honestly as you can!

1. What best describes your childhood experience with dogs?
2. What has your adult experience with dogs been like?
3. What do you most want to get out of having a dog in your life?
4. How much time and effort do you see yourself putting into training your dog?
5. What's your best guess at describingyour fur-kid parenting style? (Please BE HONEST.)
6. How trainable would you like your dog to be?
7. How sociable are you and your dog likely to be?
8. What would an ideal day with your dog be like?
9. How much exercise will you give your dog?
10. How much time are you likely to spend with your dog?
11. Are you or someone in your household allergic to dogs?
12. How old are you?
13. How would you rate your health and fitness?
14. Do you currently own a dog(s)?
What sex are they?
How big are they?
How would you describe their personality?
15. Who will share your home and dog with you, now or in the coming years?
16. What breed are you most interested in?
17. What size dog would you prefer?
18. Do you have a color preference?
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