Important Information

Dear Carly,          

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a new member of the Providence Labradoodle family! 

I am thrilled that you are now a part of this close-knit group. Your new puppy, without a doubt, will bring you much joy and happiness for many years to come. Please be sure to join our private Facebook Group exclusively for dogs/puppies from Providence Labradoodles!  This is a great way to keep up with other litter mates and be a part of a growing community of like minded dog lovers.  We support one another, celebrate with each other, pray for each other and share updated pics and videos!  I personally LOVE seeing all my pups thrive in their new furever homes!! 

Below is some important information you will need to prepare for your puppy’s arrival. Please read carefully and let me know if you have any questions and I will happily answer them! 


The puppies will be ready for visitors starting January14! Please text me to arrange a time to come and visit! The puppies will be ready to go home starting on February 8th .  We will be starting our picking process after week 7, once I have finished the temperament testing.  Once I have helped you in your puppy selection (based on deposit date) your final payment with the remainder balance will be due.  Please text me with the day and time that you would like to schedule your pickup and I will do my best to accommodate.  The pick up dates are Thursday February 8, Friday February 9 and Saturday February 10.  If these dates are not possible, please contact me personally. 

It’s important that you continue the socialization of your puppy once you take him/her home. However, be aware of some of the risks you’ll want to avoid while your puppy is still young. Stay away from dog parks and places like PetSmart and other pet stores. At the vet’s office, don’t allow your puppy to be on the floor. These places could easily expose your puppy to diseases and viruses that they are not yet vaccinated against. Your pup will have had the first puppy vaccine of three. I personally have a “Puppy Sling” that I use while my puppies are still little.  I put them in this while we are out.  This way they are exposed to different places, smells and experiences in the safety of the sling.  This is a wonderful way to bond as well! I have even taken a puppy into Aldi while I was grocery shopping! 


When introducing your puppy to an existing dog, have them meet outside on leashes for the first time. This will help your existing dog feel less threatened by the newcomer. It’s common for an existing dog to snap, growl, nip or lunge at the new puppy. This is the existing dog’s way of establishing hierarchy and discipline. As long as the existing dog does not injure the puppy, let them work it out.


I am excited to be working with Dre and My Loyal Hound ( to offer a four week virtual training course, absolutely free,  where you will be coached through the first month of puppy ownership.  This course will help you with everything you need to know about raising and training your new puppy while creating an undeniable bond!  The course begins where I leave off and it provides step-by-step guidance, structured activities and fun training games that will help you raise that well-behaved dog you have always wanted! You will learn the building blocks of potty training, crate training, loose leash walking, basic commands, and lots more! Dre even provides a free mini course called “Bringing Your New Puppy Home” to get you prepared before bringing home your pup! Click on the link to take you to this free program!


I have partnered with BAXTER & Bella, an amazing website that provides all of the training resources puppy parents need in order to experience better animal ownership and the very best in canine companionship! Their online puppy school was designed and developed to walk animal owners step-by-step through the entire training process, helping to establish a solid training foundation. I also have this membership and have used it for my own dogs. I would suggest finishing Dre’s course first,  then start this training as this covers a lot more material for older puppies and dogs! 

To receive a special 25% discount on the BAXTER & Bella program, remember to enter the discount code PROVIDENCE at checkout. THIS IS A LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP!


Your puppy may have some fairly sleepless nights while settling in.  Snuggle Puppies have proven to lessen the stress by giving the impression your puppy is snuggling up with a litter mate. If you choose to get a Snuggle Puppy (or any other plush toy with a heartbeat) I will put the plush toy and the blanket with the puppies a couple of weeks before your puppy leaves to go home so it will have their littermates scent all over it! If it is possible to get this to me before your visit, I will be able to do this for you! 

You can find more info about Snuggle Puppies and others Plush Heartbeat toys I recommend as well here:  If you order from Amazon, you can send it directly to me and I will put it in with the puppies and mom to get it full of puppy smells!!  I have 5 Snuggle Puppy Kits (Snuggle Puppy, heating pads, plush blanket and two toys) left here.  If you would like one let me know.  They are $65.

PAWTREE DOG FOOD/PRODUCTS- Please order at least 3 weeks before the puppy comes home. 

Your puppy will be used to eating a mixture of proteins in their dry kibble to ensure they are getting all the benefits different proteins can provide. Dogs also enjoy a variety of food! Your puppy will be eating 2 different proteins with pawTree dry food. The two proteins are pawTree Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe and pawTree Salmon & Peas & Sweet Potato Recipe. These foods are not available in retail stores. They are organic foods which contain no preservatives, fillers, corn, soy or gluten and all ingredients are grown and produced in the USA. They are the highest quality foods I have found with an 93% digestibility after doing lengthy research in the area of dog nutrition. You can order bags online and it will be delivered to your home. We recommend that you set up an automatic delivery for every 30 days, also called EZ Ship,  so you do not have to think about ordering food. You can easily log into your account at a later date to adjust the amount or frequency as often as needed.  By creating an EZ ship order, you will become a Paw Club Customer and you will receive “paw Points” for every dollar you spend to redeem for FREE products. These points do add up quickly!  

Click Here  for my Food Recommendations.    You may consider one of these Puppy Starter Kits, any is great! 

Puppy Starter Kit for Small & Medium Breeds- Healthy Grains

Ultimate Puppy Starter Kit for Small/Medium Breeds- Healthy Grains

Ultimate Puppy Starter Kit for Small/Medium Breeds- Grain Free  or,

Puppy Starter Kit – For Small and Medium Breeds- Grain Free

Please place your order at least 3 weeks before your puppy comes home to you to ensure you have food available upon your puppy’s arrival.

It is suggested that you continue feeding these high quality foods throughout the life of your puppy/dog.  Providence Labradoodles believes in the quality and integrity of pawTree products.  If you decide you would like to change brands, it is recommended that you allow your puppy to settle into its new home without transitioning the food for 4-6 months. You can also find healthy training treats that they will be used to eating here: 

Use promo code INTRO4U20 for 20% off your ENTIRE order that is over $100.  Now would be the time to stock up on treats and supplies that you will need! This is a one time offer for new customers! 

You can look up “MY RECOMMENDATIONS” to see what other items I love and use with my dogs! 


This is the link on my website with many of my recommended supplies that I have and love!  Click here to see my AMAZON list. 


In your puppy package you will be receiving information regarding your puppy’s microchip.  The fee to register the chip in the national database has already been paid. More information will be in your puppy package so your puppy can be reunited with you God forbid it is ever lost.


I will be providing you with a certificate good for 30 days of free accident and illness pet health insurance through Trupanion.  You will need to activate the policy using the certificate I will provide within the first 24 hours of possession of your puppy if you would like to continue with the pet insurance.  The certificate will be emailed to you directly from Trupanion the day before your puppy leaves.  I highly recommend you take advantage of this free trial while you are getting to know your puppy as that is when unexpected things can happen. It’s up to you if you would like to purchase pet health insurance for your puppy when the free trial ends.  Trupanion only offers accident and illness insurance which I feel is the only insurance needed.  


Providence Labradoodles gives a Lifetime guarentee against serious life threatening illness with each puppy. Please read over the Health Contract, sign and submit. 

 As always, I am happy to talk with you about any questions or concerns you might have with your new puppy. 



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