Recommended Supplies For Your New Puppy

pawTree Pet Food


I would like to introduce to you a new company I am now using for my dogs’ nutritional and health needs.  pawTree has met my strict requirements for quality and their variety of protein sources for their kibble is plentiful. If you find that one type doesn’t work for your dog, there are plenty of others to choose from. They also carry grain and grain-free formulas.  Their wellness products have taken the place of all my other go-to remedies as they are all holistic.  All my dogs receive pawTree’s Salmon Oil (for coat, skin, and brain health) and Gastro Pro (prebiotic, probiotic, and herbs for better immunity and gut health) on a daily basis.  They also carry many other holistic remedies such as bladder support, allergy support, pain support, brain support, joint support, flea/tick spray, PawPairings (flavorful vitamins you sprinkle on top of the food) and several others.  They have a unique function on their website called Pet Profile.  It is here you can put in info on your dog and the program will determine which kibble and wellness products would be best suited for your dog’s needs.

I personally have switched my dogs to the salmon-based food and the Real Lamb, Chickpeas and Lentils. You can see all of their products here:

I feel a holistic path is always preferred to treat every day issues.  I will never feed my dogs any food that contains dyes or preservatives.  Please let me know if you have questions. Be sure to check out their Pet Profile to find the best fit for your dog.

Puppy Starter Kit


pawTree Puppy Starter Kit. There are several starter kits to choose from. 

A delicious combination of chicken and sweet potatoes, with peas, chickpeas, apples, blueberries, cranberries, pumpkin, spinach and parsley. Real chicken is the first ingredient in this highly-digestible, nutritionally-dense, holistic, grain-free recipe. pawTree recipes contain no corn, no wheat and no soy because we know our pets rely on us to make the best nutrition choices for them. Our thoughtfully-formulated recipes contain no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or poultry by-products.

  1. Natural
  2. Grain Free
  3. High protein
  4. Real Chicken is the first ingredient
  5. Antioxidant–rich formula
  6. Natural source of DHA – supports healthy brain development
  7. Contains Taurine to support heart health
  8. Contains prebiotics to support a healthy digestive tract
  9. Balanced Calcium and Phosphorus for bone and tooth health
  10. Contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids for a healthy skin & coat
  11. A good source of natural Glucosamine to help maintain joint health
  12. No corn, no wheat, no soy
  13. No poultry by-products
  14. Formulated for reduced stool volume
  15. No added sugars or sweeteners
  16. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  17. Complete and balanced nutrition for dogs
  18. Developed by Veterinarians and Nutritionists
  19. Made in the U.S.A.

Fleas Gone


I am excited that I found this product!  My dogs are using this product to repel fleas and ticks!  This product has a 100% satisfaction guarentee and is 100% safe for all dogs and puppies of all ages!!   Please visit the website to LEARN MORE.  If you want to try this product use my cupon code “PROVIDENCE” at checkout for an added savings!  

Dripless Water Bowls


We love this bowl!  It really helps keep the water in the bowl instead of all over the floor! It also help keep their beards out of the water!  Click here!

Outward Hound Fun Feeder Dog Bowl


Outward Hound Fun Feeder Dog Bowl helps promote healthy eating and digestion.  It will slow your pup down when they tend to eat too fast as they will need to forage for their food through the pattern in the bowl.  This bowl works well with wet for dry food.  Once your pup learns to eat more slowly, you may introduce a regular raised bowl.

Slow Feeder Insert


Ordinary dog bowls become slow eaters in seconds.  Just press to attach the Keegud slow feeder insert into the bottom of the dog bowl. The unique flower shape allows dogs to effectively slow down their eating; helping to reduce binge eating and reducing digestive disease in dogs. It will slow your pup down when they tend to eat too fast as they will need to forage for their food through the pattern in the bowl.  This bowl works well with wet for dry food.  Once your pup learns to eat more slowly, you may introduce a regular raised bowl. Click here!

Bone-it-Up Silicone Treat Molds


I’m sure your dog loves when you cook for them. Serve them the best ice cream and cookie treats at home. It’s super EASY! BoneItUp comes with 10 recipe cards in these categories: Superfood, Low Calories, Energy+, Reduce Anxiety, and Ice Cream.  You will have peace of mind  knowing what is in each treat you make them! I love these molds…and so do my dogs! 

 Click Here

Tornado Interactive Treat Puzzle

Exercise your dog’s mind with the interactive level 2 Dog Tornado puzzle toy. This engaging dog treat dispenser provides a fun physical & mental challenge. Your pup will need to learn how to combine multiple steps to retrieve the hidden treat. My dogs love this however you may want to start with a Level one toy first and then introduce this one.  My dogs love this interactive puzzle!  Click here!

Snuffle Mat for Dogs


This interactive mat is a unique training tool that allows your puppy to find snacks or small toys in the mat. It helps train your puppy’s sence of smell! It also can be use to feed your puppy in order to slow down a fast eater!  It comes with 2 suction cups to hold it secure on a smooth surface.  The fabric is easy to clean by throwing it in the washing machine!  Click here

Raised Bambo Feeder


This raised food stand is designed for medium to large breeds and stand 12-inch high with 8-inch bowl diameter.  It is easy to assemble and is stable and doesn’t tip during mealtime.  It also comes with a stainless steel bowl that I recommend as it is easy to clean and cannot be chewed by eager little puppy teeth! What I like about it is is looks good and is a practical way to elevate your dogs food for easy feeding!  Click here!

Dog Crate and Crate Pad


I recommend a dog crate with a divider which is available on Amazon, Amazon Basics is good as well as MidWest .  I suggest getting a large enough crate for your puppy (30″  with divider) to be able to use as an adult. Use the dividers while potty training. I also suggest the double door option as this may help with different placements in your home! This is the puppy’s own place that he/she can feel secure. It is extremely important that your puppy take naps in his/her crate and sleeps there at bedtime so that his/her brain can fully relax and reset.

MidWest Crate Cover  is made to fit this crate and helps them to feel safe in their own little den. The MidWest Crate Bed fits perfectly and makes their den cozy!

I found the perfect pet bed called Wash’nZip which is entirely washable. It has multiple layers in case of accidents in a crate, a zipper so that it can be opened up wider or zipped smaller, and comes in five sizes. You can use it as a pet bed or as a cover car seats and furniture. Check out Wash’nZip HERE.

Indoor Playpen for Dogs


Great playpen for your new puppy that is designed for indoors.  This is easy to put up and can be a wonderful set up to ensure your puppy is safe when you are unable to supervise.  I suggest you purchase at least the 32″ panels.  Click Here!

Waterproof Dog Mat for Playpen

Puppy Pads with a soft polar fleece fabric top layer and non-slip silicone backing perfectly keep dog potty pads on floor (or whatever surface you put them on).  Thay are machine washable and they don’t shrink!  I suggest getting two so that while you are washing one, you have another to use. I love these pads!  Click Here! 

Small Puppy Harness with Matching Leash

This puppy harness is what I start out with.  It is very inexpensive and is easy and affordable to replace when they quickly outgrow it! It comes in so many different colors and has many different sizes.  Let me know if you are purchasing one, and I will give you the proper measurements to be sure you purchase the right size. I only use this harness for a few months while they are growing.  Click here! 

Sling Puppy Carrier

I recommend buying a sling for the first couple of months  until your puppy has all their vaccines.  This is a good way to bring your puppy pretty much anywhere with you  without having to worry about parvo or any other transmittable diseases.  This also enables you to continue to socialize your baby without the worry! I love mine!  I take my pups everywhere with me, they love it!  Click here!

Treat Pouch 

It’s important to have a treat pouch “locked and loaded” with treats handy for training when pup comes home! I like this one beause it comes with a clicker (if your choose to use one) and poop bags! Very handy! And it looks good!  Click here! 

Kuranda Dog Bed


This is a great elevated dog bed.  It is very easy to clean and our puppies love it! The elevated design help to keep your dog dry, cool and comfortable indoors and outdoors.   It is easy to clean and guaranteed to stand up to repeated cleaning!  Our puppies love it!! I highly recommend!!  Click here!

Original Calming Bed


This is an amazing calming bed for your pup! My Layla loves this bed! Makes it real easy to curl up and get warm and cozy!  Click here!

Wash’n Zip Pet Bed


I cannot recommend the Wash’n Zip Pet Bed enough! Here are just some reasons to get one:

Saves Money – Because it can be cleaned repeatedly, one Wash ‘n Zip Pet Bed will save you from having to purchase new beds when they become soiled, smelly and dirty.

Crate Pad – We chose the dimensions of your Wash’n Zip Pet Bed to fit the majority of pet crates on the market, so it can also be used as a crate pad.

Car Seat Cover – When travelling with your pet, simply unfold your Wash’n Zip Pet Bed and use it as a car seat cover.

Furniture Throw – Protect your furniture at home by unfolding your Wash’n Zip Pet Bed and covering your sofa or chairs.

Blanket – Some pets like to be covered when they sleep, so unfold your Wash’n Zip Pet Bed to use as a comfortable blanket.

Flea Prevention – Flea eggs and larva may penetrate the cover of a typical pet bed and infest the inside.  However, the ENTIRE Wash ‘n Zip Pet Bed is laundered, which destroys fleas, plus their eggs and larva.

Environmentally Friendly – Stop discarding old foam pet beds, which will be dumped in landfills.  One Wash ‘n Zip Pet Bed can last a lifetime since it can be laundered over and over again.

Odor Control – Wash and dry your Wash ‘n Zip Pet Bed as often as you want, which keeps your bed fresh and clean.

Great Gift – The Wash’n Zip Pet Bed is a great gift idea for your friends and family who love their pets.

Check out their website for more INFO: HERE

Natural Rubber Dog Toy 

The dog toys for aggressive chewers small breed made of 100% eco-friendly natural rubber, BPA-free. Chewing habits that can grind their teeth, relieve anxiety, train, and also can reduce pet boredom, barking problems. This way your dog can maintain physical and mental health and play with you happily.  Click here! 


 Water Bottle Dog Toys

I love these toys for my pups! These five squeaky dog toys are equipped with built-in crinkle paper and squeakers in the head and limbs, making them the ideal stress-relief companions for your beloved pets. Keep them engaged, mentally stimulated, and curb destructive behavior. These toys offer double the fun. No stuffing in the body, which means they’re safer for power chewers, reducing the risk of swallowing stuffing. And there’s more to explore – use any plastic water bottle (up to 16.9 Fl Oz) to create a new squeaky toy! Play tug of war, fetch, and interactive games with your fur baby for endless fun.  Click here! 



 Fun Tunnel

My puppies enjoy this tunnel while here at my house! It is easy to tie up and put away and offers hours of entertainment!  Click here!



These are great toys for enrichment or to occupy your pup while in the crate.  I  soften their food, mash it up and stuff several kongs and put them in my freezer to have when I need it! Click here!


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