Autumn Culver

Summer 2023 – Pittsburgh

My husband and I have been blown away by Providence Labradoodles! Linda has done such an exceptional job with her dogs. I can’t even begin to touch on all the training she does with these pups! Our life with 4 kids and a business is chaotic and Linda gave us such a great foundation with Hazel on our puppy journey. I’ve called her multiple times with questions and she has always been so supportive and knowledgeable with every call. I can’t imagine having a better experience with a new pup. The time she has taken with her pups is evident. Every time we meet people when we are out with Hazel they always comment on her calm demeanor and amazing manners. Hazel has been such a joy to add to our family! She has picked up on new things very quickly. She is very sweet and she has really bonded to our family. You can tell she’s going to be a loyal companion!

Valerie Bailey

Winter 2022 – Tampa, Florida

I could not be more pleased with our puppy from Providence Labradoodles, Linda is an amazing breeder and absolutely loves her pups. She was so informative and shared every part of the process with us. Our sweet girl is more than I could have ever imagined. I highly recommend a Providence Labradoodles puppy.

Josh and Jen Lawhorn

Winter 2023 – Lexington, Ohio

Thank you Linda for such a beautiful edition to our family. Our little Teddy has brought so much joy already! We researched for a wonderful breeder and found it in Linda at Providence. The litter we went and visited was so content in their beautiful home. They are truly treated like family there and the temperament of these puppies is amazing. They are well adapted to sounds, new environments, and people. Teddy had no issues with his transition to our home. He was well trained in going out, and has slept through the night in his cage since night one! Teddy is easy to train- already following commands at week 10! Linda has been so helpful through this whole process and we appreciate how much care she took in preparing us for this new puppy. We feel very lucky to have found Providence!

Jody Rutschilling

February 6 – Lexington, Ohio

Linda is the most amazing human being. She treats her puppies with so much love and provided us with so much support as we brought home our favorite little puppy. I am so incredibly thankful for all Linda did for our new puppy and for us.


Fall 2022 – Lexington, Ohio

We love our CeCe and have started a journey with Providence Labradoodles as a guardian family and then a forever home. We see this as an opportunity to learn more and work closely with Linda on best care practices for a happy dog. These dogs are all special, and different because so much time and expertise are put in to training them and loving them before you even meet them. Their environment is healthy and fun. We are very happy with our CeCe, a female labradoodle that is loving, cuddly and just really loves us and we love her back. Since we met Linda, we are realizing more and more that she is an experienced breeder, unique in her profession, caring and a mentor to her families. She is motivated by wanting to provide families with love, comfort and happy memories that her puppies will bring into their homes. It is important to her to match her puppies with each individual family. She cares about you. I would highly recommend meeting her puppies and know you will want to take one home.

Ali Turner

Summer 2022 – State College, PA

We have had the most wonderful experience with Providence Labradoodles! Our sweet boy Theo is from the Ozark litter June 2022 and he is the most perfect pup! Linda and Providence Labradoodles are so amazing with their work and raising puppies. They ensure the puppies go through amazing enrichment and are so well trained before they even come home! We couldn’t have picked a better place to get our new member of our family from!

Allison Perry

Winter 2021 – Poland, OH

Our experience with Providence Labradoodles was amazing! From the first conversation with Linda to picking up our new addition we knew we made the right choice. The love and attention Linda takes in raising her puppies is evident. The work she puts in the first 8 weeks from socializing, being handled and exploring their new environment. Otis (Elton from the rockstar litter) came home and he just completed our family. He is a smart, sweet and an adorable dog. She was knowledgeable and takes pride in her babies. I highly recommend Providence Labradoodle for anyone looking for a new puppy.

Susan and Alan Konz

Summer 2022 – 44904

We didn’t know what to expect. We had just put our elderly rescue dog down and wanted another dog that didn’t have unknown issues that sometimes come with rescued dogs. So we visited Providence Labradoodles to see what they have to offer. It was instant desire! We knew we wanted one of their dogs. The process was easy but the wait for our new puppy was hard, but the day finally came and we are very happy with our puppy.

Tim and Alexa


Being our first puppy, we were very concentrated on finding a dog that would be the perfect fit. She helped us pick Lady May, named Kansas in her litter of River and Hudson. Lady May is so smart, a very high jumper and very sweet. She looks just like her dad, Hudson and brings us joy everyday. She is everything and more that we could have imagined for our first dog. Thank you Linda for all of your help and support.

Molly B


Could not be more satisfied with our puppy! From our first conversation with Linda we knew she was passionate about her litters and professional about her business. Our puppy is well acclimated and exactly how he was presented to us, super chill and cuddly. Thank you Linda and Providence Labradoodles for bringing Wally into our lives.

Christine Riegler


I just brought home a puppy from Providence Labradoodles. Linda Carr (Providence Labradoodles) did a fantastic job raising the puppies to be well adjusted, acclimated to different noises and sounds and of an even temperament. Linda obviously loves the puppies that she raises. Providence Labradoodles gave concise updates during the process and excellent directions at pickup. Each puppy is well cared for and assessed for personality traits. This gave me the ability to get the best personality for my home. Getting my puppy through Providence Labradoodles was the best decision I could have made.

Sindy Warren


We could not be any happier with our experience with Providence Labradoodle! Linda offered us so much support and attention through the whole process and we are in love with the newest member of our family. I highly, highly recommend Providence for anyone looking for a pup!

Bre V


Linda is absolutely amazing! From day one she is full of great advice and information. She is thorough with puppy selection and works diligently to find a pup to fit your family’s needs. We love our little pup, formerly Heath from Chocolate Obsessions litter. Totally recommend purchasing a pup from his amazing breeder!

Jamie Claudio


We are so happy with our newest addition. Koa has only been with us a short couple of weeks and I can’t imagine not having him. He is affectionate, playful, and so so smart! Linda is exceptional and takes pride in what she does. From beginning to end, she keeps you informed and apart of the process, and pours so much love into raising these pups until they are ready to go home with you. We would definitely buy from her again. Not to mention, her pups are beautiful! Koa’s light hazel eyes get me every time! Thanks again Linda.

Marj and Andrew


Andrew and I settled in RI a couple of years ago because of his job. I made the decision to retire from healthcare after 35 years…and then the pandemic hit. Without a social network or job, and dealing with health issues, I really needed something to find purpose in my life. My therapist, who has 2 doodles for therapy dogs, suggested I get a doodle for the sake of my mental health. Andrew agreed, once he realized that we could get one smaller than standard size. I searched various breeders and, for most, we would have to wait 6-12 months. I found 2-3 with shorter waits, and Linda at Providence Labradoodles was one of them. I filled out applications for all of them, and Linda contacted me the next day asking for my references. Within a week, she accepted us as new owners. We missed out on the Memorial Day weekend litter, but got lucky with the Designer litter. Today, 9/25/21, we picked up our Yankee Doodle (Yankee aka Oscar) and are totally in love! He travelled 3 hours either on my lap or in his kennel chilling the whole time! I was very impressed with Linda’s attention to detail and her total commitment to giving her pups the best start possible. We communicated often as the pups were growing and she had everything ready for us when we arrived. I can’t say enough about how impressed we have been with Providence Labradoodles and Linda! We totally recommend her and her dogs if you’re looking to add a doodle to your family!

Kelly Demarco


AMAZING!!! Linda is a very attentive hands on breeder. Our puppy Frankie came home potty trained, could sit and understands what the word no means. Such a great experience!!!!!

Keith and Tina Bethel


We lost our lab about a year ago and our house was so empty. I started looking for a labradoodle because we loved our daughters. I found Linda’s website and contacted her about a puppy. She was great from the beginning. She was always available to answer questions and her love and care for her dogs was very evident. We received Lily, Azalea from the fabulous flower liter, in May. She’s been wonderful, almost housebroken since we got her, great personality and loves to be right with us. She’s also very entertaining, she keeps us laughing and absolutely loves our grandchildren. We highly recommend Linda and Providence labradoodles!

Michael and Seth


From start to finish our experience with Linda was incredible! Her love for the puppies is evident in the amazing care she gives them. She kept us informed along the way with updates, photos and videos. We feel like our pup Ezra (Aster) is off to an amazing start because of Linda. We’re forever grateful. Thank you Providence Labradoodles!!

Roberta Chops


My experience with Providence Labradoodles was nothing short of spectacular! From the moment I spoke with Linda, it was immediately obvious she is devoted to raising her puppies with love and patience. As we communicated more I realized Linda does a lot of research to stay current with best practices. She provides the best nutrition, the best environment, and the best training in order to develop healthy and well-adjusted puppies that are ready to go home with their new families. We have had our radiant Ruby Belle for 3 weeks now and she is absolutely awesome! All our thanks to Linda Carr!

Darlene Bright


I had a wonderful experience with Providence Labradoodles. I could not be more pleased with our little Murphy. Linda’s dogs are just beautiful and she takes such amazing care of them. She treats her puppies like family. The environment they are raised in is exceptional. I would highly recommend her.

Dayna Fine


Linda was so amazing through the whole process! She kept us informed throughout our puppy journey with her. From pregnancy until pick up and beyond! She has created an entire community of Providence Labradoodle pups and it is so easy to keep in touch. Our sweet Lola came to us close to perfection! You can really tell that she LOVES what she does and puts every ounce of love she has into her puppies. She truly cares and wants the best for them. Linda, we thank you for giving us our precious pup Lola!!!

Jamie Balyeat


We love love love our little Ruby!!! ??So sweet and smart! She already knows how to fetch a ball and bring it back …and we’ve only had her two weeks! I’m so grateful for Linda and her family for taking care of all the pups so well. The communication was great, I received photos up until the day of the pick-up. Linda knows her stuff. She genuinely cares for all of her pups and her clients.

Dolly Burdick


I found Providence Labradoodles by accident. Right from the first phone call, Linda was friendly and pleasant, explaining the process in patient detail. Upon visiting, we were shown the immaculate facilities, and a breeder who truly loves her profession, and each and every dog and puppy.  Linda not only cares for her dogs and puppies, but socializes, and trains them, making a very well adjusted puppy. We couldn’t be happier with the whole experience and our puppy!!  We would highly recommend Providence Labradoodles to anyone looking to adopt a Labradoodle.

Carolyn Atkinson


Our beloved labradoodle passed away unexpectedly in July. He blessed our lives for nearly 14 years. While still grieving, we decided that our lives are empty without a dog. I began to search for a reputable breeder in WV and surrounding states and was fortunate to finally connect with Linda Carr. We had purchased our wire fox terrier and our labradoodle from out-of-state breeders, so I knew what I was looking for in a breeder and a dog. We also did not want a puppy who looked like our Ollie since he is irreplaceable. I was impressed with Linda from our first conversation. I studied her excellent website, FB page, and reviews. She was so kind and informative. We had many emails, texts, phone calls, pics, and videos. She was always responsive. I was impressed with everything I saw, especially her care of the parents and puppies and commitment to socialization and training. When we picked up our Sammi during this COVID pandemic, Linda was outstanding in the way she provided information, supplies, and our introduction to our new family member. I really cannot say enough about Linda and her love of dogs. Sammi is smart and beautiful. The socialization and care and her expertise shows. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants the best in breeding and love of dogs.

Lance Gibbs


I am completely overwhelmed by the entire process; from application to pick-up/delivery of our Rex (known to many as Seger) it has been amazing. Linda has been available throughout the process, helping make important decisions including how to prepare our home for Rex’s arrival. We have been kept informed during pregnancy, birth, and have seen a multitude of videos of Rex and his siblings during their first eight weeks together. He is adorable and perfect! The amount of work and training completed by Linda prior to us getting Rex is very apparent. When we picked up Rex at the airport, he peed on a pee pad at the word “potty”. We went to grandma’s house, he went on the grass at the word “potty”. This puppy is 8 weeks old! Another example are the veterinary visits for health screening, shots, etc. Thank you Linda and Providence Labradoodles for making sure Rex is perfect for us!

Lynda Rozell


Providence Labradoodles, (Linda) is a loving caring breeder. Her love and care for the puppies is amazing. She is very knowledgeable regarding current care and training. Tyler is an absolute dream. I would recommend this breeder to any serious dog owner.

Beth Painter


Providence Labradoodles is the best breeder I have ever encountered. Linda is completely transparent with her processes, the environment, and the events from conception to pick up day. Gracie (Scarlett/Hudson) is an absolute dream. The caring Linda gives these pups from Day 1 was evident as soon as we got in the car to start home. We have pups from other breeders – both the breeders and pup are wonderful – and Gracie is far more advanced than they were. Linda loves her work and keeps current on recommendations and methods of raising litters. Her pups are testaments to her dedication! Thanks Linda. We are planning our next adoption

Sandy Leeper


I just wanted to let all my friends know the amazing experience I’ve had getting a pup from Providence Labradoodles. I’ve had dogs all my life and no where compares to the business that Linda Carr has. She is the owner/breeder/groomer. She is beyond a five star breeder in every way.She was so patient with all my questions and I watched her be so loving, attentive, and caring with each pup. There is an amazing play area outside with all kinds of things for the pups to experience from toys, different textures ,social experiences with adults, kids and other dogs that the transition from her house to your house is minimal. I have a very happy, contented,well balanced and very smart pup! What an amazing feeling to not have that new puppy stress! Thank you Linda for loving what you do, because your love shows thru to each and every pup. I would absolutely buy from you again!

Michael and Denise Benson


We recommend Mrs. Linda Carr as a breeder and the owner of Providence Labradoodles without reservations. From our fist communications with Linda she answered all of our questions while being patient and professional. These comments are supportive of Linda; however, we love our new puppy Shelby Sue. She is full of energy and love. Shelby was socialized well prior to coming home with us and is so smart and gentle. We are excited for our guardianship responsibilities and continued relationship with Linda. If you are considering a labradoodle puppy look no further than Providence Labradoodles and Linda as a five-star breeder. You will be glad you did.

Eric and Daphne Richards


We purchased the most amazing puppy from Linda. When the puppies were seven weeks old, we drove to Mansfield to meet Linda and the puppies. We were very impressed with the puppy’s parents, Scarlett and Hudson and the puppies were beautiful and so sweet! At first, we had a particular color in mind but quickly realized that we would be happy with any of the puppies. When the puppies were almost eight weeks old, Linda contacted us to see if we would consider taking Capri. She felt that she would be a good match for our family. She was so right as she quickly integrated with our family! Linda was quick to answer any questions we had and sent regular pictures and updates. She was very involved with the puppies from the start and as a result, they are happy and confident. Our little Bailey Capri is sweet, affectionate and such a smart puppy. She is eager to learn and a quick study! Thanks Linda! We are looking forward to the many wonderful years we will have this little girl!

Patrick and Leah


We really enjoyed working with Linda throughout the process of buying our first puppy, Mae (formerly Lilly from Scarlett’s spring 2019 litter). She kept us in the loop with pictures, videos, and phone calls during her early weeks. She takes great care in raising the puppies in an environment that is full of love, stimulates their early growth, and leaves them extremely well socialized. As a result, we have the most wonderful, loving dog. She’s brought so much joy to our lives. We can’t recommend Linda and Providence Labradoodles enough!

Carol Sauer


We got our second labradoodle, Reed right after July 4th from Linda. Our trip home was uneventful as Reed was very comfortable in the car. I know Linda worked with him and his siblings on car rides. So from the beginning it was a positive and easy transition. Our Reed adjusted just fine to his new home and sister, Willow. He was potty trained in no time at all and is/was so friendly with everyone. We absolutely adore him and my heart couldn’t be more full being blessed with these two beautiful and loving labradoodles from Linda. She is amazing at keeping in touch with the future families with pictures, videos and texts (and even FaceTime). Along with keeping in touch years later with concerns, questions and advice, she continues to love her pups and their families. I am so grateful that I have crossed paths with her and have my doodles. I said after I lost my 18 year old Margo several years ago, I couldn’t ever do it again. Now I have two because my first, Willow is just as sweet as my Margo was. When I saw the Spring 2019 litter I told my husband that Willow needed a sibling and that story worked lol. Thanks to Linda and Providence Labradoodles I’m a doodle mom x 2!

Heather Krieg


My family had a great experience with ProvidenceLabradoodles. Linda is such an amazing dog mom and puppy caregiver. She always sent videos of the pups, lets us come by for multiple visits (I had a hard time choosing) and all and all provided a safe loving environment for her dogs and puppies. If you’re considering getting a puppy this is the place to go!

Kylie Ireland


We are so blessed that we found Linda and Providence Labradoodles for our new puppy, Stanley. Since the beginning of this process, Linda has gone above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and provide us with knowledge on how to care for our puppy. She sent us weekly updates about Stanley that made us feel like we were right there with him through his different milestones. Her love and compassion for these puppies and her dedication to providing a loving home has helped shaped Stanley into a loving and loyal companion! All of her training efforts and constant attention really shows through Stanley’s personality. We are off to such a great start with Stanley because of Linda’s focus early on with proper positive training techniques! THANK YOU LINDA and Providence Labradoodles!

Lynne Barone


Wyatt has joined our family and we couldn’t be happier. Linda has done all the right things to give him a great start. The first thing that impresses us was the way she shared videos and pictures of the days before and after the puppies were born. Many breeders don’t share behind the scenes. Linda’s facility is immaculate. We felt that if she went to such lengths to create a clean, safe environment for the puppies she wouldn’t take any shortcuts. Linda went out of her way to create a happy, loving environment. We get the benefit of all her affection and professionalism because Wyatt is a great puppy. Thanks, Linda

Stacy Johnson


Shout out about Linda Carr

I just want the *World* to see for themselves that I am telling the truth when I inadequately try (you need to see it for yourself) to paint this extraordinary picture about Linda Kennedy Carr and Providence Labradoodles.

This is what she does! She feeds and prepares them top of the line food, she trains them, cares for them, loves them too much which is bittersweet, and supports and nurtures her precious litters long before they ever meet the *WORLD* and their new homes! Linda is all in. She is a hard worker and goes beyond what most won’t do or is required! Her staff is, of course, no less-trained, hard workers, and will do their absolute best in Linda’s grooming business as well. She is always studying, researching, and trying to stay ahead of the game. When you become a proud owner, she never leaves the clients to figure it out on their own as she stays the journey with them until death do part! She is no superwoman (close though) however, she is absolutely a true business woman doing what she loves deeply with all of her heart. She takes it all very serious! She is blessed and she knows it with a circle of family, friends and staff that supports her. But she does the hard part!

It doesn’t matter the time or day, she is there for her furbabies, new owners, and staff!

When you become a new owner or just want your furry loved one groomed, she’s who you need! It will be an experience you will never regret or forget. The experience has been such there are those who have been clients for a very long time or have become owners more than once!

I am honored to be a witness to all of this. I have held, played with, and cried about and loved each one of her puppies over multiple litters. 

Linda, you are an *AMAZING* person and woman and I am in *AWE* of you! I do believe you are living out your calling and purpose. You inspire me to revive forgotten dreams and have the courage to dream again and go get them!

I Love You!

Jamie Beard


We have added one of their most precious Labradoodles. Millie has been the sweetest, most playful loving puppy. She is well behaved and listens very well. She is by far the best puppy we have ever had! Her temperament is so laid back. My daughter, who is 9, wanted a puppy to take care of and Millie has been perfect for her. She has been easy to potty train with zero accidents in her kennel. She didn’t roam at night so she doesn’t sleep in the kennel at night! We love her so much!

Courtney Jackson


Linda does such a great job with her puppies! Ruby is from Scarlett and Rosco’s litter. She has the sweetest demeanor and is a true gem. Linda takes so much time and effort to make sure that each puppy is well-prepared to go to its forever home. Ruby fit in well with our other doodle, Crew, who is also a Providence Labradoodle from Layla’s litter. They are both such great additions to the family and are so fun and loving! I feel extremely lucky to own a Providence Labradoodle!

Susie Harding


I was so surprised and amazed at Linda’s care of all the puppies! Truly, we have had several dogs from breeders over the years but have never seen such care and dedication on the part of the breeder. And she has been so available to us. Our puppy, Lincoln is so enjoyable. He’s cute, cuddly and spunky. His training began with Linda and this is making it a smooth process for us. I’ve never thought of having two dogs at the same time. But this experience is making me consider it.

Chris Brown


Linda Carr is by far the best! She was very attentive of any questions we had and was always quick to respond. Linda has a true love for her puppies and treats each and every one as though they are a forever member of her family. Ruby came to us well mannered and trained. We could not have asked for a better experience. Ruby has captured our hearts!! Thank you Linda, you’re the best!

Chris Goodrick


Linda Carr covers all the bases! From beginning to end, she is there every step of the way. I can reach her via text, Facebook or phone call for any little question I have regarding my new pup! She is warm, compassionate, loving and it shows in her puppies. She uses training techniques that helped develop the pups from the start. The puppies are calm, sweet, well-tempered and beautiful! Our baby Lila is a true joy to have in our home! Thank you, Linda and Providence Labradoodles!!

Tim Carr


We love our Labradoodle from Linda at Providence Labradoodles!  The best, calm, smart, most loving male dog. Very healthy, and loves to be around people. Everywhere we go with him, people ask about our Labradoodle.

Kim Gogel


I started out following Linda and her pups on FB and was interested in adding a new puppy to our family. Through that contact and meeting Linda and being at her home and meeting the dogs, my husband and I are the Guardian Home (puppy mom and dad??) to Magnolia I have to tell you, I am a dog lover and what I found in Linda and Providence Labradoodles is exactly that. Her breeding standards are the highest I have ever seen. Her knowledge of the breed and their needs and care (both nutritionally, grooming wise and socially) is immense. But the real reason I recommend Providence Labradoodles is that first and foremost Linda and her Team are dog loving people. Their dogs are family to them and that is what I wanted. A very healthy breed that was a loving and sweet addition to our family. I am very proud to be a small part of the team and I highly recommend Providence Labradoodles.

Michelle Mullen


Harper Lucille is Layla’s very 1st Puppy of her very 1st Litter and we couldn’t LOVE her more if we tried!!! Once it was safe to be around the puppies Linda was very sweet to let me visit them often to help me get my “puppy fix”!!! I planned to wait for a future litter because my son and I did not want to hurt the feelings of our precious 13 year old golden retriever Miss Maggie. Unbeknownst to us, as the weeks passed, BOTH of us had bonded deeply with Harper. We happened to be visiting one evening when the pups were 6 weeks old and another family was present to choose their puppy girl. They were decided on Paisley….. but then one of the little boys said, “Mommy, what about the one with the BLUE collar”? …. WHICH WAS HARPER!!! My son and I looked at each other with HUGE EYES!!! MY HEART STOPPED AND I COULDN’T BREATHE!!! Jonathan proceeded to text me…. MOM, WE HAVE TO GET HER NO MATTER WHAT!!! The sweet part is that Linda had always thought that she should be ours but we had stood in solidarity for 6 weeks that we would LOVE THEM AND LEAVE THEM!!! HARPER HAD STOLEN OUR HEARTS AND WE DIDN’T EVEN KNOW IT UNTIL THERE WAS A THREAT OF LOSING HER!!! Needless to say, she is a precious, pampered, and very loved girl who thinks she is human…. has brought IMMENSE JOY to our lives…. she is RIDICULOUSLY SMART….. A Bit Sassy….. BUT SHE IS ALL KINDS OF SWEET!!!! Linda Loves her dogs like they are her children! Her puppies are raised in her home, they are loved and tended to with such care. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND Linda of Providence Labradoodles to provide you with the newest addition to your family!!!

Gretchen Gerhardt


This is our Jett. The last pup from Layla’s 1st litter. We were going to wait and get one later, but after my husband & I stopped by to play with them one afternoon, we called Linda before we even got home and said yes to Jett. One of the BEST decisions we ever made. He is so loving, loves to snuggle and get combed. Also a great protector, I never worry anymore if I’m home alone as long as he is here. He has made our family complete! We LOVE you Jett Black!

Rachel Rinehardt


When I got Leo in Fall of 2016 I had no idea that I could possibly love an animal as much as I love this dog. Leo is a happy-go-lucky, play-all-day, fun-loving, too-smart-for-his-own-good, goofy guy. He loves to be the center-of-attention and has never met another dog or person he didn’t like. Leo has an endless amount of pure, undiscriminating love for everything and everyone. He’s a fan-favorite in my neighborhood and local dog park. Leo has truly been a blessing. I recommend Providence Labradoodles to everyone I know. These dogs are precious and kind. I also believe that these doodles are cuter than any other Labradoodles out there (a clearly unbiased opinion). Providence doodles are well-adjusted, smart, great with kids, adorable, and FUN! I am so thankful to have one as a member of my family.

Carla Jackson


We were blessed to have Crew join our family in the summer of 2015! He looks just like his beautiful mother, Layla and is a joy to all that meet him! The love and care that Linda has for her dogs is heartwarming! They are handled from a young age and loved like there is no other pup on earth! Thank you for having such a passion to bring beautiful, well-mannered dogs to families lucky enough to welcome them to their forever homes!

Dee Dee and Heidi Gwinn


Our sweet Addison found US in the Spring of 2017! She is from Ben & Layla’s litter. She has brought us so much joy and laughter! She loves to play with her sister Bailey and snuggle during naps. Addison is adventurous and is always up for a hike in the woods are a swim in the ponds. She is very well mannered and protective of her sister. Addison even stays “in touch” with Linda through her Facebook & Instagram pages. Thank you, Linda, for choosing us to be Addison’s humans! We are furever grateful!

Frank and Amy Schultz


Our Cooper (Avery) has brought us so much joy. As first time dog owners we could not ask for a better dog. He has adjusted to our family so nicely. My boys adore him. Cooper loves to be outside and has thoroughly enjoyed the snow we have had so far this winter. He loves people and to be tucked into bed at night with his blankets. Linda helped us pick a dog that was right for our family. We love Parti-House Doodles!

Rich and Debra Howell


Linda is so compassionate and loving to all her pets and to any animal that crosses her path. We have known Linda for many years and when we heard she was going to be breeding her sweet Layla a labradoodle. We knew we wanted to do our best to get one her babies. She worked with us and made it possible for us to bring home our sweet Emma.

Emma is loving, very intelligent and such a wonderful companion to both myself and my spouse. We are so grateful that Linda not only gave Emma such a wonderful start but also that Emma experiences the best care when we take her to Linda’s Grooming Palace. We have grown to fully trust Linda with our Emma, from her earliest beginnings to her current grooming care.

Kylie Watts


He is the greatest blessing to our family! He is my favorite!! Hopefully he can get a playmate in the next year or so.

Samantha Elliot


It’s amazing how beautiful and well mannered your puppies are!!! You guys are truly incredible. Thank you. He really brings a smile to all of us, all the time.

Michael and Erin Homula


Grady (Frisco from Ben and Layla’s Fall Litter) just received his first real groom and when his dad went to pick him up, the groomer asked, “Is this a Providence Labradoodle?” Grady’s dad said, “Yeah, he is, how did you know?” The groomer said, “Providence Labradoodles are the best,. They breed exceptional Labradoodles, and we could tell Grady must be one of them!”

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