Once Linda put Tucker on pawTree and experienced such amazing results, there was no going back. She already reaped the results with her breeding program and now she witnessed the incredible healing power this food had on her old, sick dog.

The pawTree food line carries a large variety of products. In dog food alone, they have 12 different types to choose from. They offer chicken with oatmeal, chicken with sweet potato, lamb with chickpeas and lentils, turkey with sweet potato, and several more. On their website, there is a pet profile you can fill out to find just the right pet food for your dog. They also have cat food.

But pawTree has more than just dog and cat food. Another product that Linda has found useful are the pawPairings. These are a blend of nutritional seasonings you can sprinkle on a picky dog’s food. They have flavors like Italian and Asian and Mexican! Your dog will think they are getting something special with these on their food. Not only are these great for picky eaters, but they add additional nutrients to your dog’s diet.

Some of the most amazing products from pawTree are their health and wellness items.

Gastro Pro Plus is a tasty treat to your dog but, in actuality, is a combination of probiotic, prebiotic and digestive enzymes with herbs that will support your dog’s digestive system. Many dogs have digestive and bowel issues and Gastro Pro Plus will settle them right down. This is a great alternative to medications.

CBD Mega is by far their most popular item due to its huge success and multiple uses. This veterinary-developed supplement has so many uses that we can’t list all of them here. Some of the main benefits of this tasty treat is that it promotes calmness in dogs with anxiety. It helps with aches and discomfort in elderly dogs. It supports immune health. It’s good for the digestive system. It improves the dog’s skin and coat. It also lessens and can sometimes eliminate seasonal allergies.

pawTree also offers Aches Away, which provides comfort for dogs with chronic aches and pains. It soothes them and provides them with better mobility. It is also recommended to give after any type of surgical procedure, like a teeth cleaning, as it works as a natural pain killer.

Certain dogs tend to have bladder issues throughout their lives. Bladder Support Plus helps to maintain a normal bladder function. It’s another tasty treat that you can give to your dog every day, and it will maintain the normal function of their bladder without having to resort to medications that can often have negative side effects. Bladder Support Plus is designed to maintain a normal urine pH.

We will have a future blog dedicated to the dangers of flea and tick products, and thankfully pawTree has a completely safe and all-natural Flea and Tick Spray that is made of peppermint oil and clove oil extract. You not only can use it on your pet, but on their bedding, pillows, blankets, carpets, rugs, and so on. You can even use it on yourself! It won’t harm you or your pet, but it will kill the fleas and ticks and prevent future infestations.

pawTree is so confident in their products that they offer a 100% money back guarantee. Roger Morgan, the CEO, is a remarkably approachable man who loves pets and wanted out of the commercial pet food industry where it was about cutting corners in the quality of the food. Thanks to Roger, our pets now have the best possible pet foods and supplements available to them.

One nice little feature is when you get your dog or cat food, not only is the name of your pet on the food, but a picture of your pet as well! That’s how personal pawTree makes your experience!

For more information on pawTree, visit Linda’s pawTree page at: Linda’s pawTree Page

Here is a video of several veterinarians talking about pawTree: Learn about pawTree

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